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Apex Legends Review

Apex Legends

Apex Legends Overview:

At this point, I think we are all getting used to the Battle Royale style of gameplay as it seems to be taking over the gaming community at a fast pace so I wasn’t surprised when I heard a new one had come out. What I wasn’t expecting was it to be from the AAA gaming developer Respawn Entertainment, the developers of the beloved Titanfall series of games. When I saw the initial statistics of over a million players on the first day of launch and no signs of slowing down I knew what I needed to do. I did what any real gamer would do and I downloaded it and went straight into streaming my first experience with the game to help me create a first glance game review. So, without further adieu here it is!


Your initial experience with the game is that you are thrown into a 3 person group and required to choose from 1 of 8 playable classes (some may need to be unlocked) to start the launch sequence. From there you can either choose to jump solo or pick a landing point and fly as a group. From there you get to explore the rather large map running through buildings, picking up loot, scavenging through crates, etc and all the things we have come to love with battle royale style games. That being said, this game heavily emphasizes team play as each player picks a different class type that plays a specific role in the strategy of winning the match. (Side note so far I’m all about that wraith class!). You can choose to be more of a tank/shield laying beast for the group, a healer/medic type of class, stealth, and all kinds of other types. Minus a couple of moments of screen freezing (probably my fault) and a few moments of quiet walking around I must say I truly loved the gameplay experience that Respawn Entertainment has brought to us with Apex Legends and I strongly recommend it.

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Battle royale games in my opinion have had no real consistency when it comes to the graphics the games bring to the table. For example, we have Pub G who makes a throwback attempt at a realism style game experience, Fortnite that gives us this cartoon-style fuckery with pickaxes and random colorful nonsense (plenty of people love the game but I think my opinion of it is quite clear), H1Z1 that looks somewhat similar to Pub G graphically and then we have Call of Duty which took the graphical experience of Battle Royale games and showed us what a AAA developer can do. My experience with Apex Legends so far is on par with my experience graphically as Call of Duty. I think Respawn knocked it out of the park on this one with their graphics, while they didn’t quite go as ultra-realism as call of duty or Battlefield V they gave us a beautiful looking realistic map, very Titanfall feeling character players and a fantastic looking set of textures throughout the entire game. Bravo Respawn, you guys did a bitchin job here.

“I expect to see this game really take off within the streaming community and I could even see this title out performing the behemoth that is Epic Games Fortnite this year…”


For a first glance game review I have to say I am thoroughly impressed with this game and I look forward to spending hours playing and streaming this title for a long time to come. I will most definitely come back and do a post update once I have logged over 40 hours on the game to give a more detailed rating or further solidify what I have outlined here. In a time where we have seen AAA game developers severely piss off their communities and totally ruin their loyal fans trust I must say that Respawn has without a doubt come up with a fantastic title. The game has only been live for a few days now and it is growing in popularity by the hour. I expect to see this game really take off within the streaming community and I could even see this title out-performing the behemoth that is Epic Games Fortnite this year. As long as Respawn keeps the player base engaged and releases new updates and seasons on a consistent basis I see this becoming the staple battle royale that everyone wants to play.