Star Wars the Old Republic: Jedi Under Siege Review


Star Wars the Old Republic Overview:

The first and only real open-world MMORPG for Star Wars that we have seen since Star Wars Galaxies and likely will be the sole open-world Star Wars game for some time since the latest was announced to be shit-canned by EA late last year. With SWTOR, as it’s known by everyone, you can find yourself spending hours upon hours following the rather entertaining and well-written class storylines, doing space missions, playing in world events with random people, and even playing some high-intensity PvP. The game itself is massive in size and has more content than any new player would know what to do with as the game has been around for the last 8 or so years. All that being said, I think its time we dive into the review!


There are a few things that Star Wars the Old Republic does really well, and in my opinion quality of gameplay is one of them.

What you can expect are about a dozen different main profession options between each of the two factions (Sith and Republic) with each of the classes having 2-3 different specialties to choose from. In a very similar fashion to many MMORPG titles such as World of Warcraft, for example, you can switch these specialties up essentially whenever you would like to try different abilities and experience different play styles such as DPS, tank, or healer specialty types to fit the specific style you are playing at the time.

The gameplay does not seem to cater to one specific playstyle over another and there are vast options to choose from if you enjoy PvE, PVP, and even a few active guilds/servers that are more the role-playing style if that’s your fancy.

Something I love about this game is the space combat/space PVP that it has as it is a load of fun. Lately however, it seems impossible to actually be able to find a match as I sat for nearly 40 minutes in queue and was never able to start a match. Luckily, if you are a fan of ground-based PvP you can always find a group/warzone within a minute or two where you can play various game types from capture the flag to “Huttball” which is a sort of capture the ball/soccer hybrid team game.

For me personally, I found myself jumping into random ops groups on a daily basis to fight world bosses on various planets and once that was done without fail the group would decide to stay together and jump to yet another planet or mission to continue playing together for hours hardly ever dropping below 7 or 8 different people which was incredible to be a part of.


Graphics for this one are a little harder for me to judge and let me explain why. Due to the age of the game, I find myself comparing it to other titles of similar age/tenure as well as against other MMORPG style games and with those filters in mind, I feel this game does pretty well! They have done a good job with keeping the quality of the animation while the game has evolved over the years and have added in weapon tunings “animations” to give an extra little flavor to your setup which tends to look really cool on a lot of different builds. If you’ve followed my stream at all you’d know I play this game on a pretty consistent basis and all things considered it looks pretty damn good. Periodically you’ll see some random animation glitches where you will be missing your helmet or mask in one scene then have it in another through cut scenes and in one instance I was even missing my face entirely which was a whole new level of haunting for me. Overall though graphically I feel the game delivers a pretty solid experience that looks nice and keeps you visually entertained.


I have been a Star Wars fan my entire life and for me, this game does a great job at bringing to life so many of the books I have read as well as tie in some of the older KOTOR games in some of the higher-level combat. I have played this game off and on since its beta back in December 2011 so its safe to say I have seen the many stages it’s gone through.

“This game does a great job at bringing to life so many of the books I have read as well as ties in some of the older KOTOR games..”

For awhile this game seemed to be dying out yet this latest expansion has added some incredibly fun to play stories on a new planet as well as some new end game gear/planet bosses that can keep you entertained for hours.

All in all I strongly recommend giving this game a shot if you’ve never played before as it is Free to Play, and if you are an old player reading this thinking about coming back I would say make the jump and try it out. You’ll really enjoy the new content and you’ll have hours of fun to play through.

If you happen to be interested in playing and subscribing to this game I would greatly appreciate it if you were to join using my affiliate link, which can be found in the link here as I end up getting some exclusive in-game mounts if you end up subscribing!