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Anthem Legion of Dawn Game Review


Anthem Overview:

Anthem is your next favorite online multiplayer action role-playing shooter-style game, maybe, brought to you by BioWare and Electronic Arts (EA). I have a lot to say about this title, and I have even higher hopes. Anthem, EA, and BioWare have made a lot of promises to us surrounding this game, and this close to launch the question is simple. Did they deliver and do I buy? Check out my thoughts below and see if Anthem has earned the official Darth Swahl badge of approval.


Anthem has an engaging introductory storyline that is fun to play and is something I can say I enjoy playing for hours on end. If you enjoy playing games similar to Warframe and Destiny, then you will thoroughly enjoy it as it takes what those games do well and builds on them. As far as the gameplay, it is something I expect to come out of a AAA game developer like EA/BioWare in terms of mechanics, story, and overall enjoyment of the game. I hope to see some expansions or DLC content coming out sooner rather than later. The other option is releasing a season pass to add content quickly as the current “End Game” content can get repetitive and boring quickly.
I see loot box and microtransaction crap already popping into this game. That being said, it looks to be primarily for visuals and not a pay to win situation so I can live with that. I will be watching out for it as time progresses to see what happens though. Now for the not so fantastic parts about the gameplay… Out of the gate, you will notice every 10-20 minutes of gameplay you suddenly freeze due to a connection error of some sort and get kicked to the title screen due to a connectivity issue on the server. At first, I had heard a few people were experiencing this issue during beta sometimes being kicked or stuck at the loading screen for upwards of an hour! Then, I heard it was still happening during this “Early Access” launch so I figured I would give it a go and see how bad it truly is. Like with any server errors/latency/disconnections, it always seems to happen at the worst of times… Without fail, I would be in the middle of the fighting and all of a sudden I would be frozen and trying to reconnect or suddenly end up at the main screen. Initially, I wanted to make excuses and say this is still technically pre-launch and they should have it finished by the time it’s officially out. Then I thought, this is early access and should be a completed game ready to rock and not some unstable final beta test. Anthem Error Message During my first night of play, it happened so often that I just gave up trying to play the game entirely. Here we are today on the 20th of Feb, and it seems to be more stable. With the game launching in just two days, I will say I am worried that we may see some significant issues with the playability and reliability of the Anthem servers since they seem to be already struggling under a reduced load, but hey, I suppose we will find out soon enough.


I am a little bit torn on the graphic side of things for this game. In my opinion, the graphics for this are some of the best I’ve seen in a game. However, it seems like some of the textures aren’t finished. At E3 the gameplay footage we saw was absolutely out of this world, and while the graphics in its current state are great, they are still not quite as vivid and vibrant as what we saw there. I won’t be crushed if they don’t give it a final once over before the official release, but I will be a little disappointed that we didn’t get to see the movie quality EA/BioWare promised us.
“It is truly a joy to see EA push the graphic engine to this level in a video game…”
Graphically speaking you can expect to see a very realistic looking environment with great landscape textures and some impressively crisp javelin, mech, animations. The NPC’s that you interact with are not ultra-realistic in style; however, the animations are superb in terms of facial expression and how well the player characters seem to communicate with you during a conversation with them. It is truly a joy to see EA push the graphic engine to this level in a video game. Anthem-storm javelin

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While there are some bugs that EA and BioWare need to figure out so Anthem doesn’t pull a Fallout 76, I still think that it has some serious potential. That said, you might want to give it a few weeks before going out and buying, but I would still recommend it since it is an entertaining game to play and has a great story to tell. Have you had any experience playing Anthem yet and if so, what is your take on it? I would like to know in the comment section below! I hope you enjoyed this review and if you did I would greatly appreciate a like/share!